Top Tooth Fairy Tips & Tools

Yes, she’s magical. Of course, she’s generous. But did you know that the Tooth Fairy is an innovator, too? She’s constantly finding new ways to captivate young minds and promote dental health, whether through technology, fun products, or creative new ideas. Your child knows and loves the Tooth Fairy. He or she has no doubt spent time shimmying a loose tooth and imagining her midnight foray into their room, and even the gift she’ll leave behind. Technological advances and new accessories have made it possible to bring that imagination to life, enhancing the Tooth Fairy experience from start to finish, from loose tooth to the under-pillow treasure. Try one (or more) of these recent trends for an unforgettable Tooth Fairy visit.

Go Digital

Capture the dental sprite in action with a simple photo editing app. Choose from various Tooth Fairy poses, then superimpose one of them on a photo of your sleeping child. Watch their eyes light up as they see the Tooth Fairy fluttering above the bed. And if they’re disappointed to have missed her, no worries! You can contact her directly as well. At Flutterpop, we’re tight with the Tooth Fairy, and we’re happy to pass along your child’s message. Or, you can download an app that delivers special texts and voicemails to her. She may be busy, but she’s always on top of her inbox and responds to every message she receives. 

Ditch the Cash

According to Marketwatch, the 2019 average tooth-to-money rate was $3.70. But sometimes a non-cash gift can be worth a lot more in sentiment. The Tooth Fairy is more than willing to get creative with her gifts. Leaving a gift card or homemade coupon for one of your child’s favorite things – like a local eatery, children’s museum, or amusement park – will show that the Tooth Fairy knows  him or her personally and give you an excuse for a fun outing. Tooth-friendly treats are another great option. Or, consider leaving fun new dental supplies. A toothbrush themed with a favorite character or brightly-colored floss will get your child excited about tooth care. Along with any of these gifts, a hand-written note from the Tooth Fairy (on tiny paper, of course), will make any child eager for her next visit.

Change Up the “Under-Pillow” Experience

Tradition has long encouraged kids to stash teeth underneath their pillows, but in reality, the Tooth Fairy doesn’t care where she finds them. Try out a tooth pillow or keepsake box instead. Tooth pillows are colorful, customizable cushions that slip easily over a doorknob or bedpost. They come in a variety of characters and have special pockets for tooth storage. Keepsake boxes give your child a special tooth container so they can rest assured that the lost tooth is safe. If you’re looking for a fun weekend craft, you can even help your child create their own.

Leave Evidence Behind

Nothing makes the Tooth Fairy come alive like evidence of her visit. When your child wakes up to glittery footprints on the shelf or pixie dust on the nightstand, they’ll know that just hours before, a magical guest graced the bedside. Couple that with a tiny note from the fairy herself and there will be no doubt that she stopped by. 

Every generation and culture has  its own Tooth Fairy traditions, and she’s always finding new ways to bring joy to recently toothless children. Try a few of these tips and your child will experience the Tooth Fairy’s magic like never before. We’re always on top of the latest Tooth Fairy trends and tools, so for an endless supply of ideas, lessons, and dental knowledge, follow Flutterpop on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.