Fun & Exciting Cash-Free Tooth Fairy Ideas

The situation: you’re a devoted parent and lover of family traditions. That means you’re probably looking at a future visit from the Tooth Fairy. It’s the classic exchange of lost teeth for cold, hard cash. But deep down, your inner parent may be saying, “Does it have to be money? Shouldn’t I try to teach my children other values?”

We’ve got your covered.

After all, a visit from the Tooth Fairy isn’t about doling out some dental-themed allowance. It’s about celebrating a mini-milestone in a child’s life and creating an experience they’ll remember forever.

Here’s a handy roundup of some of the best cash-free Tooth Fairy alternatives out there. 

1 – The personal touch. A handwritten note from the Tooth Fairy can be worth its weight in gold fillings. It might say “Thank you for taking care of your teeth,” or “Congratulations on the smile upgrade,” or it might just serve as an encouraging reminder to keep up with their brushing habits. Style tips: think small, and then think a little smaller. Tiny writing on tiny paper and a little dusting of glitter can make that note look extra magical.

2 – Extreme couponing! This one’s a great way to save some dough – and spend some quality time with your child. Pick something that they love to do, and create a special coupon redeemable for that occasion. Try ideas like a trip to the zoo, the park, or the movies. Let your imagination run wild (limit one per customer).

3 – Epic equipment upgrade. Okay, it doesn’t have to be epic, but leaving a little gift like a brand new toothbrush and toothpaste set with your child’s favorite cartoon or movie characters on it can put a fun spin on dental hygiene. 

4 –  Invest in Fairy Currency. Who says you can’t roll up your sleeves and make your own version of magical cash? Hit those bills with a little glitter hairspray, or throw some adhesive and glitter dust on your loose change, and your kids get a fun cash alternative that they can save up or exchange for prizes (Note: this does not constitute financial advice. You should always consult a licensed investment professional when looking to diversify your Fairy Portfolio).

5 – The Mystery Puzzle. Stay with us on this one, because it’s more of a long-game kind of situation. Who doesn’t like solving a mystery? And even better if the end of the mystery has a satisfying conclusion. Let’s start at the end and work backwards. Maybe you want to give your child a special gift as a thank you for consistent brushing. Bury that gift in the backyard, then write simple clues to the spot. Then – wait for it – cover the clue sheet in something sparkly, and cut it into puzzle pieces. Each time your child gets a visit from the Tooth Fairy, another piece of the puzzle is revealed, and your child takes one step closer to finding the lost treasure. Pro tip: we’re big on dental hygiene, so don’t bury a toothbrush in your backyard – just trust us on that. 

Now that you’ve got a few exciting ideas to mull over, it’s important to remember what this is really all about – sharing a sense of wonder and discovery with your children. And if you end up with an extra bottle or two of glitter, how great is that?

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