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Want to learn more about the Tooth Fairy? Did you know that the Tooth Fairy collects over 300,000 teeth per night! Wow! That’s a lot of teeth! Did you ever wonder where all those teeth go? You can find that out and more when you read our Tooth Fairy tales on the FlutterBlog.

Top 10 Tooth Fairy Costumes for Halloween

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Trick or treat? Pirates steal your treats and ghosts only offer tricks, but the Tooth Fairy always leaves a nice surprise for you under your pillow. That’s why dressing up in a Tooth Fairy Costume for Halloween is a naturally popular choice for both children and adults. The character not only represents a long-standing tradition but promotes healthy dental habits for children world wide. Since Flutterpop is the resource for all things Tooth-Fairy, the team here wanted to put together the top ten Tooth Fairy costumes in preparation for All Hallows’ Eve next month


Tooth Fairy Costumes for Children

Halloween is one of the most anticipated days for children across the United States, not only do you get to dress up as your favorite characters, but you get to collect candy throughout the day. When picking a Halloween Costume for your child, the options are limitless and at times overwhelming. For Halloween this year, why not chose a Tooth Fairy costume for your child? The Tooth Fairy makes the journey of losing teeth fun and magical, so order one these Tooth Fairy costumes for children below.



White Tooth Fairy Costume

This pearly white tutu is as white as a healthy tooth! Your child will remind everyone to brush their teeth after eating their treats, and you’ll be thanked later by all the parents in the neighborhood.






Blue Tooth Fairy Costume

Blue like the sky on a bright, clear day. This tooth fairy costume for children will have everyone seeing clearly that magic is real so long as they believe!






Green Tooth Fairy Costume

This green fairy costume is a less conventional version of the Tooth Fairy.  Some kids might be green with envy when they see your child prancing around like a wood nymph. But when they realize they’re the Tooth Fairy they’ll be happy for the reminder that their fairy friend is looking out for them!






Spring Tooth Fairy Costume

Spring is the time of year when everything’s in bloom,  so it’s no surprise that the Tooth Fairy would serve as a reminder of teeth coming in like lily white flowers. Luckily, unlike flowers, permanent teeth only come in once!






Rainbow Tooth Fairy Costume

Rainbows mean everyone’s included! So this Halloween remind everyone that no matter who they are the Tooth Fairy’s on their side (and to brush their teeth, of course)!




Tooth Fairy Costumes for Adults

Watching your children on Halloween is like watching your children lose their baby teeth: anticipation, drama, and fear of trauma! Picking out the right costume, making sure your child looks good, keeping an eye out for extra scary costumes so there’s no nightmares; it’s enough to give you flashbacks! Luckily, you can wear one of these Tooth Fairy costumes for adults to make the journey of trick or treating as painless as the journey to permanent teeth. Seeing you in one of these Tooth Fairy costumes for adults will put everyone at ease, and you’ll get your fair share of gap-toothed smiles from all the boys and girls who finally get to see who’s been giving them prizes in exchange for teeth.



Adult White Tooth Fairy Costume

Your children will be standing in the light of your halo, without a worry or a frown because they’ll finally have their guardian angel…once you put on those Tooth Fairy wings, of course!






Tooth Fairy Mascot Costume

Is the Tooth Fairy herself a giant tooth? We’ll let you decide! Because on Halloween, and every other night, the Tooth Fairy takes whatever form you like.






Women’s Tooth Fairy Costume

Everyone who greets you at their doorstep will think they’ve stepped into their very own fairy tale when they see you in this dress. Pair with one of the Tooth Fairy costumes for children to make sure you share equal billing with your child instead of stealing the show!






Men’s Tooth Fairy Costume

It’s 2019; if dad wants to be a Tooth Fairy he can! With these wings, tutu, and crown, you’ll transform into the Tooth Father and everyone will believe magic is real!






Tooth Fairy Mascot Costume With Hat

If you would like a more humorous costume for adults this Halloween, look no further. This rendition of the Tooth Fairy is sure to turn heads, dress up head to toe as a wandering tooth. This costume will be the life of any party.




If you’re going to be the Tooth Fairy for Halloween you’re going to need to be prepared to answer all sorts of questions. So brush up on everything you need to know about losing your teeth, read up all about the Tooth Fairy, and commit to memory time-honored Tooth Fairy traditions. The better you play the part of the Tooth Fairy the more real she becomes!

When Will I Lose My First Tooth? (And Other Big Questions From Kids About Losing Teeth!)

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If it seems like all your friends and all the kids in your class are losing teeth, you probably have teeth on your mind all the time! When will I lose my first tooth? How do teeth come out? How many teeth will I lose? Which one will come out first? We know you probably have a lot of questions about losing teeth, and here at FlutterPop, we want to make sure you have all the right answers!

When Does the First Tooth Fall Out?

You probably don’t remember getting your baby teeth, but it happens at different times for everyone. Losing teeth is also different for everyone. Most kids lose their first tooth sometime after their 6th birthday, but some kids are 7 before they lose their first tooth!

Sometimes, permanent teeth take a little longer to get themselves ready, which can make your baby teeth wait to fall out. But other times, permanent teeth are in a hurry to grow into their spot in your mouth, so they push the baby teeth right out of the way! When you visit the dentist, he or she will take pictures of your teeth and jawbones called X-rays, and then you’ll be able to see where your permanent teeth are. Your dentist can tell you if your baby teeth are going to start getting loose soon, so go ahead and ask about it during your check-up. If you’re getting ready for your very first tooth fairy visit, go to our shop and ask your parents to get you a special tooth pillow for your tooth exchange.

How Do Teeth Come Out?

Teeth have one part we can see, called the crown, and a part we can’t see, called the root. The root goes down into your gums to hold your teeth where they belong. When the permanent tooth starts pushing on the roots of a baby tooth, it makes the tooth loose. This is when you feel the tooth start to wiggle around. The tooth might not wiggle very much at first, but if you keep moving it around with your tongue, it will start to move more and more until it pops out!

It’s never a good idea to try to yank a tooth out of your mouth before it’s ready. It’s best to let the tooth get ready on its own so that a gentle tug is all you need to finally make it come out. Part of the root might break off and stay down in the gums, but that’s okay. The root will dissolve all by itself without you even knowing or feeling a thing!

How Many Teeth Will I Lose?

When you were born, you had 20 baby teeth already in your gums! Once those teeth started pushing their way into your mouth, your permanent teeth began to form. There are 32 permanent teeth, if you can believe it. Your 6-year molars come in right around the same time you start losing your first baby teeth.

Molars are the flat teeth at the back of your mouth where you do most of your chewing. 6-year molars are the first of your permanent teeth that never had baby teeth before them. While you’ll lose all 20 baby teeth and notice those new permanent teeth growing in where they fell out, you’ll also feel other molars growing in all by themselves.

Which Teeth Will I Lose First?

The first teeth that most kids lose are the very front top and bottom teeth. These are called incisors, and they are sharp for biting into food. Hopefully, your permanent incisors will come in fast, or else it will be hard to eat things like apples, pizza, and corn on the cob! Don’t worry, you can always cut these foods up to eat while you wait for your new teeth.

You’ll probably notice a pattern of losing your teeth from front to back. Even though a lot of them will come out that way, you really could lose them in any order. Sometimes, you’ll lose a lot of teeth pretty close together. There’s nothing to be afraid of, though. Those permanent teeth are on their way, and you’ll have strong, sharp teeth very soon!

Are you close to losing your first tooth? Then it’s time to learn all about the tooth fairy! Visit our Tooth Fairy tales to read all about this busy fairy. Ask your parents to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for even more stories!

Taking Care of Your Teeth (For Kids)

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Why Do I Need to Brush My Teeth?

If you’ve already lost a few teeth, you might be starting to wonder why your parents and your dentist care so much about taking care of baby teeth that are all just going to fall out anyway. It seems like a lot of trouble for teeth that won’t last forever, right?

Well, that’s not exactly right. Your baby teeth are really important while you have them. Not only that, but they are actually pretty helpful to the permanent teeth that are coming next. Also, the tooth fairy has some pretty high expectations for what baby teeth should look like at collection time.

The truth is that you need to take really good care of your baby teeth until they are ready to come out on their own. By brushing twice a day and flossing, you’ll help to keep away the germs that cause cavities. Cavities happen when little germs dig into your teeth and make a hole. They can be painful, and they can make you sick. If you have an accident and lose a tooth before the new tooth is ready to come in, your other teeth can get confused and move around where they shouldn’t. Finally, we’ve heard the tooth fairy always gives the best rewards for sparkling clean teeth.

Why Do I Need to Go to the Dentist?

Going to the dentist is just as important as keeping your baby teeth healthy and clean. Dentists are doctors who went to a special school to learn all about teeth and oral – that means mouth – health. Dentists have special tools to help them check for cavities, and they take really cool X-rays that let them see your teeth through your cheeks and even inside your gums!

We know it’s not the most fun to keep your mouth open while someone touches your teeth, but dentists have a really important job to do. Your dentist will talk to you and your parents about your teeth and keep an eye on how your permanent teeth are growing in. We happen to have it on special authority that dentists are also known to send reports to the tooth fairy! This helps the tooth fairy keep track of teeth that are loose so she can be ready to visit.

Out With the Old, In With the New…Teeth!

When your baby teeth start wiggling around, that’s how you’ll know they are getting ready to come out. Don’t pull too hard on them if they aren’t very loose yet, or you might hurt yourself. Just keep wiggling it, and pretty soon, it will be ready to fall all the way out. If you taste a little bit of blood, that’s okay. Just press gently on your open space with a wet washcloth and swish some warm salt water that day.

Make sure to tell your mom and dad when you lose a tooth! They’ll help you get it ready for the tooth fairy. Hopefully, you’ve been taking great care of your teeth, and the tooth fairy can give you one of the best rewards for a clean and shiny tooth. We have some ideas (link to blog on what does TF do with all those teeth) about why the tooth fairy might need such clean teeth; what are your ideas?

Your permanent tooth should start poking through your gums soon after you lose the baby tooth. If it hurts, be sure to tell your parents, in case they need to give you medicine or take you to the dentist. Make sure to take great care of that new tooth, since it’s the one you’ll have forever!

If you want to keep learning about all the Tooth Fairy news we have, ask your parents to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!