Ways to Welcome the Tooth Fairy

It’s finally happened…your first tooth is wiggling! As that wiggly tooth gets looser and looser, you probably can’t stop thinking about your very first tooth fairy visit. But you might have questions, too. Will the tooth fairy know you lost a tooth? How will the tooth fairy know where to find your tooth if this is the fairy’s first time visiting your house?  Never fear, as the tooth fairy’s very special consultants, we at FlutterPop are here to give you all the tips you need to welcome the tooth fairy.

Write a Special Letter

Even though the tooth fairy collects over 300,000 teeth every night, she loves to read mail from all the kids she visits. If you’re thinking about your first visit from the tooth fairy, try sending a letter to let her know all about that wiggly tooth. Your parents will help you write your note, and FlutterPop will help you send it!

Be sure to let her know that you’ve been visiting the dentist regularly and taking good care of your baby teeth. The tooth fairy agrees with your dentist and your parents that dental care is very important! You can also let her know where you and your parents decided to leave your first tooth when it’s ready for collection. Maybe you will place your tooth under your pillow, or maybe you will have a special pillow tooth holder to hang on your doorknob or bedpost. The tooth fairy loves that each family has its own tradition when it comes to leaving teeth, so she’ll enjoy reading about yours in your note.

Make Way for the Tooth Fairy

Do you love to daydream, draw, and create? Put your imagination to work coming up with tooth fairy ideas that make her visit extra special. You could draw a map that gives the tooth fairy ideas on how to get through your house and into your room. If you add fairy dust to mark the trail, she’ll know exactly which way to go. Make sure your room is tidy so that she has a clear path to follow the map!

You could write or draw a story that gives the tooth fairy ideas about what to expect when she visits. No matter how busy she gets, the tooth fairy loves to read anything children write or draw especially for her. You can tell her about other kids in your house – especially if you’re the first one to lose a tooth – and about your pets or parents. You can add your story to the special spot you are leaving your tooth so that the tooth fairy is sure to be in receipt of it.

Clean Teeth Make a Perfect Welcome

Whatever fun ways you come up with to welcome the tooth fairy, the most important thing you can do to make her feel welcome is to have clean and healthy teeth to exchange. The tooth fairy knows that healthy baby teeth are a sign that you are taking great care of your mouth. On the day you are ready for your first visit from the tooth fairy, be sure to eat a healthy dinner, brush your teeth carefully, and go to bed on time. Your mouth will feel different with the missing tooth, and your parents can have you rinse with warm salt water if your gums are a little sore. Once the tooth fairy is in receipt of your very first tooth, she’ll make sure you get your special gift, and you’ll be a tooth fairy pro!

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