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Want to learn more about the Tooth Fairy? Did you know that the Tooth Fairy collects over 300,000 teeth per night! Wow! That’s a lot of teeth! Did you ever wonder where all those teeth go? You can find that out and more when you read our Tooth Fairy tales on the FlutterBlog.

The Tooth Fairy in Literature

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Tooth Fairy Doubt? Just Look in a Book!

While modern day adults might automatically use Google as their encyclopedia, parents know that when kids have a question, the wise choice is almost always to look it up in a book. Books provide a story and (usually) pictures. Books connect with the senses of touch, sight, and smell, which helps children develop emotionally. Books can be read a million times without changing, and they can be easy to memorize.

Losing teeth is a time of uncertainty for a young child. It might be scary, painful, uncomfortable, or unexpected. After tooth loss, a child’s mouth feels different, the mirror’s reflection is different, and new teeth look different. The tooth fairy is known to help make the whole tooth loss experience a positive one. Books can be just as magical in helping kids learn about tooth loss and getting comfortable with this time of change. We have many books in our shop to help parents and kids find just the right story for their family.

The Tooth Fairy and Modern Friends

Familiarity goes a long way in making kids comfortable with new ideas. When kids see their favorite characters from a TV or book series losing teeth or learning about the tooth fairy, it makes the whole thing seem more relatable. Peppa Pig, a character who generates over $1 billion in retail revenue, came out with a tooth fairy book in 2018 that is sure to excite her many fans.

Parents who grew up in the 1980s can enjoy a little nostalgia while reading about The Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy. While the current version was published in 2012, the original work from 1981, The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist, is also a great read!

Whether your child loves Pete the Cat or Fancy Nancy, our shop is sure to help you prepare for this exciting journey with your little one.

Is the Tooth Fairy Common in Books?

The popular book website Goodreads lists 83 books about the tooth fairy. Most are children’s books, with a few young adult thrillers thrown in for good measure. It seems that writing about the tooth fairy wasn’t very popular until the 1990s, and most books were written within the past 15 years.

Since most of the modern books incorporate popular characters, it’s quite possible that the tooth fairy stories of earlier decades simply went out of print once their own pop culture icons fell off the radar. The good news is that there are a ton of great books available to fit your child’s imagination and style.

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How Does The Tooth Fairy Get Her Magic?

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Have you ever seen a magician pull a rabbit from his hat or a coin from behind your ear? It’s amazing! But as impressive as those tricks can be, they don’t measure up to the magic that the Tooth Fairy has in store for children who leave her happy, healthy teeth. If you’ve ever lost a tooth, left it in under your pillow, and discovered a treasure in the morning, you’ve witnessed her magic at work! But where does this amazing magic come from? That’s a great question, and it’s one that we’ve asked plenty of times ourselves. Lucky for you, we also found some answers.

What Can the Tooth Fairy Do?

Even though she has a special job, the Tooth Fairy isn’t the only fairy out there. In fact, there’s a whole world, called Fairyland, where hundreds of fairies live. Each of them, the Tooth Fairy included, has the ability to fly, “poof” from place to place, become invisible, and create objects (like gifts!). This is how the Tooth Fairy gets in and out of your room without waking you up. Plus, she has a magical sixth sense that tells her when any child loses a tooth and helps her get to the right house.

How Does the Tooth Fairy Use Her Magic?

There are two important tools that no good fairy would go without: pixie dust and a wand. Think about the Disney character Tinker Bell, who uses pixie dust to fly, glow, and help her friends float around. In the same way, the Tooth Fairy can use pixie dust to appear in your room, create special gifts, and even help you fall asleep. But Tinker Bell also carries a wand, which aims and releases her fairy dust. Same for the Tooth Fairy! With a wave of the wand, she can “poof” your tooth from under the pillow and into her pouch, then leave behind a surprise. 

Where Does the Magic Come From?

From Fairyland, of course! In the Nickelodeon show “The Fairly Oddparents,” Fairyland magic is powered by humans’ belief in fairies. If humans stop believing that fairies exist, then the fairies can’t use their powers. The Tooth Fairy’s magic is similar. That pixie dust from the last question? If you don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy , it turns to regular dust, and she can’t exchange your tooth. You might be wondering how you can visit Fairyland. Unfortunately, we humans can’t go there because we don’t have the same magical powers. But the good news is that every time you lose a tooth that you’ve kept healthy and safe, the Tooth Fairy brings you a little piece of her homeland. 

Who Gets to See the Tooth Fairy’s Magic?

Let’s look at another character you may know: Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. She grants the wishes of anyone who is kind, generous, and caring. The Tooth Fairy loves these qualities, too. And she also loves healthy teeth, so she shares her magic with everyone who keeps their teeth clean. How? By brushing and flossing as part of your everyday routine. Do this and your teeth will be shiny and strong, and the Tooth Fairy will be thrilled to show you her magic. 

When Will the Tooth Fairy Come?

When you lose your first tooth, it unlocks a door from Fairyland to your room, and the Tooth Fairy keeps a close eye on these doors. Her magical senses will alert her when you lose a tooth. As long as you’ve kept it clean and believe that she’ll come, there will be a gift waiting for you in the morning. 

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A Spin on the Traditional Tooth Fairy Experience

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While money is the most common gift children receive from the tooth fairy, there are no actual rules on the topic. The Original Tooth Fairy Poll cites that the current national average reward is $3.70 per tooth. That’s $74 for all 20 teeth per child! That’s a hefty price tag, especially if you have a large family. Economics aside, parents might have any number of reasons why leaving money for lost teeth is not the right fit.

As it turns out, the tooth fairy is quite an accommodating little sprite! She is more than happy to deliver the rewards that meet each family’s needs. We’ve compiled a list of 8 creative non-money tooth rewards:

Practical Tooth Fairy Rewards

  1. Toothbrushes, dental floss, and toothpaste are great rewards to reinforce excellent oral health habits. The tooth fairy loves to encourage keeping teeth healthy, so this one is an easy choice. Remember that your child’s travel toothbrush needs to be replaced regularly, as well, so keep that in mind if the tooth fairy already brought a new home toothbrush.
  2. Books about the tooth fairy can be found in our shop and are a great way to keep the magic alive. Of course, there’s no need for every reward to be a book about teeth, but we do recommend it for the first few to help your child get comfortable with this time of change.

Tooth Rewards for the Crafty Family

  1. Building a fairy garden is a fun and creative way to celebrate the magic of the tooth fairy. This is a project that parents and kids can start as the first teeth begin to wiggle, and the tooth fairy will bring special pieces to add to the garden with each lost tooth.
  2. A small jar of fairy dust is an artistic option to encourage your child’s imagination in crafts or outdoor play. Some kids may collect the special glitter for daydreaming, while others will excitedly add it to crafts or sprinkle outside to create magic.
  3. A tiny personalized letter from the tooth fairy is a great idea for parents with a steady hand. Your child will feel special at the personal attention bestowed upon him or her by the tooth fairy.

Special Teeth Keepsakes

  1. A pressed penny collection is something your child can use to keep track of how many teeth he or she has lost. Since pressed pennies are often found at museums and cultural tourist attractions, your child might choose to start a collection of pennies from all of your family travels.
  2. A tooth keepsake box is something you and your child can use together to track teeth as they come out. The tooth fairy can deliver the box for the first lost tooth, and then follow up with a certificate for each tooth after that. The tooth fairy will of course let your child know that the tooth was checked into her log and then returned home for safe keeping.

A Special Surprise

  1. Mark milestones, such as every 5 teeth, with a coupon for a visit to a children’s museum or special activity. Take this time with your child to celebrate how he or she is growing up and how proud you are.

While celebrating your child’s transition into adolescence is an important time for teaching and bonding, no parent should have to go broke or trade in values to mark the occasion. We hope these fun ideas help you come up with your own non-monetary plan for tooth fairy rewards.  

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Quiet on the Set, the Tooth Fairy is Here!

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Friday is movie night, when the whole family curls up on the couch with popcorn bowls and healthy snacks. The lights are dim, the blankets are out, everything is ready. There’s only one thing left to do: choose a movie. Don’t fall victim to the endless Netflix scroll! If your child recently lost a tooth and is pining for the magical sprite to be on her way with tiny gifts, a Tooth Fairy film is a great option. These big-screen portrayals are entertaining for children and adults alike. 

Rise of the Guardians

If you’re looking for an animated gem, Rise of the Guardians is your pick. This Dreamworks flick tells the story of several festive figures, including Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, and our personal favorite, the Tooth Fairy, as they team up to stop a villain named Pitch Black. Released to impressive critical reception, Rise of the Guardians garnered several award nominations, including one for Best Animated Feature Film at the Golden Globes. The Tooth Fairy, a cute, hummingbird-like critter voiced by Isla Fisher, is a bouncy, bubbly spin on the tradition, with an important role in the film.

The Tooth Fairy

When you think of the Tooth Fairy, you probably don’t think bulging muscles and a chiseled jaw. But Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson trades his typical action hero role for wings and a smile in this heartwarming feature. Johnson plays a hard-hitting, no-nonsense hockey player forced to “serve time” as a Tooth Fairy. This one is sure to get some laughs from your kids, and watching the former WWE-superstar flutter around will get some from you too.

The Tooth Fairy 2

That’s right. They made another one. Only this time, it’s not a hockey-padded Dwayne Johnson, but a denim-clad Larry the Cable Guy. The comedian of “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” fame dons a pink tutu and wand in this sequel, where his Tooth Fairy disbelief lands him in the role himself. Like its predecessor, this movie is full of silly moments and lessons about the value of childlike belief. Kids will love its slapstick comedy, and adult fans of Larry the Cable Guy will enjoy seeing some of the humor that made him famous.


The early 2000s saw the Disney Channel churn out classics like High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls, but the 90s had some made-for-TV treasures as well. Case in point: Toothless. Here, we see Kristie Allie as a successful dentist who passes away and ends up in Limbo, where she must earn her way to Heaven by performing “community service” as the Tooth Fairy. Allie’s character will get kids excited about the Tooth Fairy while teaching what’s important in life.

Santa Clause 2

Okay, this one isn’t really about the Tooth Fairy, but it does feature her. If you’re nearing the holiday season and one of your children loses a tooth, here’s a portrayal you can enjoy with your eggnog. Played by Art LeFleur, the Tooth Fairy serves on the Council of Legendary Figures along with Tim Allen’s Santa and several familiar faces (Easter Bunny, Cupid, Mother Nature, etc.). LeFleur’s fairy is both humorous and good-natured, and this movie provides yet another take on his or her role in our lives, all while getting you in the holiday spirit.

The Hairy Tooth Fairy

In Spanish folklore, the Tooth Fairy sometimes isn’t a fairy at all, but a rodent – a friendly, tooth-collecting rat named Ratoncito Pérez. This Spanish-Argentine animated comedy explores that tradition with levity, humor, and suspense. If you love foreign films, cute critters, and engaging with different cultural legends, The Hairy Tooth Fairy is a fantastic choice. Not only will it present a new, intriguing perspective on our fairy friend, but it can also help children study a new language!

Popular culture is expanding the Tooth Fairy’s story all the time, giving us plenty of sidesplitting, zany representations. The commonality between them? Every Tooth Fairy, from The Rock to Ratoncito Perez, loves teeth in tip-top shape. Each of these films offers a chance to teach about good, consistent dental health. For tips, ideas, and stories that go beyond movie night, make sure to follow Flutterpop on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tooth Fairy Mysteries: Where Do All Those Teeth Go?

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Congratulations on becoming a member of the tooth-losing big kid crowd! We’re sure you and your friends have been talking all about loose teeth and tooth fairy visits for some time. Maybe now that you’re thinking about teeth, you have some questions. While fairy magic is a pretty easy explanation for how the tooth fairy knows about your lost tooth and how she gets into your room, we bet there’s still one big question you just can’t figure out. What does the tooth fairy do with teeth, anyway?

As the tooth fairy’s very special friends, we here at FlutterPop like to think we are pretty well-informed on everything she’s up to. You would certainly think that we know exactly where all those teeth go, right?

Well, as it turns out, you would be wrong. Try as we might, we just couldn’t get the tooth fairy to give up this secret. But we decided not to let that stop us from coming up with our own ideas! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all of our new ideas, but for now, here are the ideas we have:

The Tooth Fairy Takes Teeth to Fairy Land!

Fairy Land must be a pretty big place, right? What if all the lost teeth are used to build their houses, schools, office buildings, and roads? Just think about how much the fairies rely on human kids if that’s true! With a constant supply of baby teeth being delivered, Fairy Land will always look its best. That would help explain why it’s so important to take care of our teeth, right? Shiny strong baby teeth aren’t just important in keeping you healthy; they have to keep the entire fairy world bright and clean.

Back when we were learning all there is to know about the tooth fairy, we found out that a very long time ago, parents used to throw their kids’ baby teeth at the sun, or into the fireplace! What if teeth are fuel for the fairies? The tooth fairy’s job would be the most important in all of fairy land if she’s using baby teeth to keep everything nice and warm. If that were true, we’d want to make sure the fairies have nice clean teeth to burn so they don’t get harmful germs in their environment.

Tales of Riches: All Those Teeth Go Straight to the Bank

What if baby teeth are like money for the tooth fairy? When you lose a tooth and leave it for the tooth fairy to collect, what if your reward is actually payment for giving her something so valuable in her world? We can just imagine a big sparkling bank where the tooth fairy goes to deposit teeth after a long night of visiting sleeping kids. She would probably use her earnings to do maintenance on her wand, buy fairy dust whenever she needs it, and buy new fairy uniforms when hers get too old or tattered. 

As always, healthy teeth are going to be the most valuable. So make sure you brush and floss every day to help the tooth fairy make the most out of your teeth!

Return to Sender: The Tooth Fairy Brings the Teeth Back?

One thing we’ve learned about parents here at FlutterPop is that they really love sweet memories. Sure, it might seem a little sappy or embarrassing when they pull out your baby bathtub pictures, but it’s also really nice to know just how much they love us, isn’t it? Since so many moms and dads are buying keepsake boxes from our shop, it made us think that maybe the tooth fairy is in cahoots with parents everywhere. The tooth fairy does all the hard work by collecting baby teeth, leaving a reward, and inspecting them for health and cleanliness. Moms and dads do a ton of hard work every day, so the tooth fairy’s service is probably a huge help! Then the tooth fairy packages the tooth and sends it right back to its original home so that parents can keep it in a safe place.

If that’s the real reason the tooth fairy wants all of those teeth, then we think that makes her just about the nicest, sweetest fairy there ever was!

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