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Want to learn more about the Tooth Fairy? Did you know that the Tooth Fairy collects over 300,000 teeth per night! Wow! That’s a lot of teeth! Did you ever wonder where all those teeth go? You can find that out and more when you read our Tooth Fairy tales on the FlutterBlog.

Our Tooth Fairy blog is intended to promote knowledge of the Tooth Fairy and understanding about healthy teeth. Learn more about the Tooth Fairy Traditions and best Dental Practices here.

Ways to Welcome the Tooth Fairy

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It’s finally happened…your first tooth is wiggling! As that wiggly tooth gets looser and looser, you probably can’t stop thinking about your very first tooth fairy visit. But you might have questions, too. Will the tooth fairy know you lost a tooth? How will the tooth fairy know where to find your tooth if this is the fairy’s first time visiting your house?  Never fear, as the tooth fairy’s very special consultants, we at FlutterPop are here to give you all the tips you need to welcome the tooth fairy.

Write a Special Letter

Even though the tooth fairy collects over 300,000 teeth every night, she loves to read mail from all the kids she visits. If you’re thinking about your first visit from the tooth fairy, try sending a letter to let her know all about that wiggly tooth. Your parents will help you write your note, and FlutterPop will help you send it!

Be sure to let her know that you’ve been visiting the dentist regularly and taking good care of your baby teeth. The tooth fairy agrees with your dentist and your parents that dental care is very important! You can also let her know where you and your parents decided to leave your first tooth when it’s ready for collection. Maybe you will place your tooth under your pillow, or maybe you will have a special pillow tooth holder to hang on your doorknob or bedpost. The tooth fairy loves that each family has its own tradition when it comes to leaving teeth, so she’ll enjoy reading about yours in your note.

Make Way for the Tooth Fairy

Do you love to daydream, draw, and create? Put your imagination to work coming up with tooth fairy ideas that make her visit extra special. You could draw a map that gives the tooth fairy ideas on how to get through your house and into your room. If you add fairy dust to mark the trail, she’ll know exactly which way to go. Make sure your room is tidy so that she has a clear path to follow the map!

You could write or draw a story that gives the tooth fairy ideas about what to expect when she visits. No matter how busy she gets, the tooth fairy loves to read anything children write or draw especially for her. You can tell her about other kids in your house – especially if you’re the first one to lose a tooth – and about your pets or parents. You can add your story to the special spot you are leaving your tooth so that the tooth fairy is sure to be in receipt of it.

Clean Teeth Make a Perfect Welcome

Whatever fun ways you come up with to welcome the tooth fairy, the most important thing you can do to make her feel welcome is to have clean and healthy teeth to exchange. The tooth fairy knows that healthy baby teeth are a sign that you are taking great care of your mouth. On the day you are ready for your first visit from the tooth fairy, be sure to eat a healthy dinner, brush your teeth carefully, and go to bed on time. Your mouth will feel different with the missing tooth, and your parents can have you rinse with warm salt water if your gums are a little sore. Once the tooth fairy is in receipt of your very first tooth, she’ll make sure you get your special gift, and you’ll be a tooth fairy pro!

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How to Get Kids Excited for Brushing Their Teeth

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Parents know that establishing great oral care habits with their kids is vital for long term health, but the daily routine of brushing twice a day can be a struggle. In the mornings, everyone is trying to get out the door on time. At bedtime, brushing teeth gets caught in the crosshairs of kids resisting and parents rushing to get everyone settled. Added to the chaos is the battle of making sure everyone is actually brushing properly. It’s enough to wear out even the most health-conscious family. What if getting kids to brush their teeth weren’t such a struggle? Can you imagine a smooth morning or bedtime routine where teeth brushing is an easy part of the process? Read on for our tips on how to get your kids excited about brushing their teeth.

Include Special Friends When it’s Time to Brush

Kids love any opportunity to interact with their favorite characters, and the toothbrush industry has made this easy when it comes to picking a child brush. The oral health products aisle in your favorite pharmacy or supermarket is sure to have several choices of characters who get kids in the mood to brush their teeth. Take your independent child along to pick his or her own toothbrush, or have fun surprising your whimsical kiddo with a different character every 3 to 4 months. This simple trick makes brushing teeth a habit that kids enjoy.

Another way to encourage healthy brushing is to bring a special buddy to the bathroom sink. Have your child pretend to brush the teeth of a stuffed animal or doll before brushing his or her own teeth. Parents can take this time to use the toy as a teaching tool as well, helping kids to see best practices in action.

Make Brushing Time Family Time

One of the best ways to help kids enjoy brushing their teeth is to brush your teeth at the same time. By brushing your teeth side by side with your kids, you’ll show them that oral hygiene is for everyone. This is also an excellent way to teach them how to care for their gums with proper flossing. Every busy family knows that even a few minutes of extra time spent doing something together is a gift, so why not spend it doing something everyone has to do anyway? If you brush together at the kids’ bedtime, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of avoiding late night snacking!

Brushing in the Digital Age

Some kids will get more excited for brushing if they see their favorite show characters taking care of their own teeth. Several popular shows for children have produced tooth brushing videos to help kids create good habits. With special songs and rhymes, kids not only learn to brush for the right amount of time, but they also learn to brush the right way. By bringing a little technology to the sink, many parents are able to avoid the arguments so that brushing is fun and an enjoyable part of the routine.

By making the oral healthcare experience a positive one for your kid, you’ll instill lifelong habits, and your dentist will thank you!

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The Ultimate Toddler Dental Care Guide

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As a parent, you wear a lot of hats: gourmet chef, storyteller extraordinaire, piggyback ride giver, homework consultant…and after reading this, you’ll be ready to take on your newest challenge: Dental Hygiene Expert.

But first: the cold, hard facts. Did you know that 10% of two-year-olds already have at least one cavity? And by age three, over a quarter of kids have their first cavity. That number jumps to almost 50% by the age of five. (Learn more about those dreaded cavities.)

So…where do we start?

The answer is your baby’s first teeth – known as primary teeth. Some parents might think cavities in baby teeth are no big deal. They’re going to lose them anyway. But tooth decay in baby teeth can impact permanent teeth.

Primary Teeth – Get Started Early!

While baby teeth may seem like an adorable placeholder for permanent ones, they serve an essential role in keeping a child’s jaw straight and holding space for adult teeth. Primary teeth can help kids learn how to chew, smile, and even talk.

Before baby teeth even appear, it’s a great idea to get in the daily habit of wiping your child’s gums with a soft washcloth. It removes bacteria and starts them off with a regular dental routine. When those first teeth finally pop out, we suggest brushing twice a day for two minutes, using just a tiny bit of fluoride toothpaste — about the size of a grain of rice. And always use an ultra-soft toothbrush. Also…

  • Watch that bottle! Putting a child to bed with a bottle of juice, milk, or formula can quickly lead to tooth decay.
  • Don’t forget the dentist. Your pediatrician will probably check your child’s teeth – and may refer you to a pediatric dentist. But be sure to schedule that first dental checkup before your child’s first birthday – or after the first baby tooth has arrived.

By the age of three, your child should have all 20 primary teeth. Then you have about a three-year delay before visits from the Tooth Fairy start becoming a thing. At this point, your child is learning to brush – and developing dental habits to last a lifetime. Now is where your impact as a dental hygiene expert gets even more prominent. 

The Art of Proper Tooth Brushing (and So Much More)

Make sure your child brushes for at least two minutes twice a day, using a pea-sized dab of fluoride toothpaste. Up and down? Back and forth? Circles? It doesn’t matter. You want to give each tooth a thorough cleaning. Most kids only focus on the front teeth and need help reaching those pesky back teeth. In fact, many will need help brushing their teeth altogether up until the age of 6 or 7, so constant supervision and a lot of parental participation is your best bet.

Need help getting them to brush for the entire two minutes? Set a timer, or better yet, play their favorite song to help keep track of time. (Get more fun brushing ideas!

Now that you’re a dental superstar, you know many moving parts go into creating and nurturing a healthy smile. Things like:

  • Flossing: best to start as soon as your child’s teeth touch.
  • Dental visits: schedule an appointment every six months. The more regular your child’s visits are at an early age, the less stressful future visits will be.
  • Mouthwash: a great addition to the routine, but no gulping down that minty freshness!
  • Sugar: you’ve heard it before, but limit sweets, especially sticky, sugary treats that can get quite attached to your child’s teeth (and turn into little cavity factories)!
  • Outside protection: establish a “no chew” list for your kiddo, metal, and plastic objects for starters. And when it comes to bikes, scooters, and skateboards, always throw on a helmet.

Congrats, you’re now an official Dental Hygiene Expert (feels good, doesn’t it?). Why not join the conversation today by following us on Facebook and Instagram? If you know a child who lost their tooth, have them send the tooth fairy a letter and get an email reply!

The Tooth Fairy in Literature

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Tooth Fairy Doubt? Just Look in a Book!

While modern day adults might automatically use Google as their encyclopedia, parents know that when kids have a question, the wise choice is almost always to look it up in a book. Books provide a story and (usually) pictures. Books connect with the senses of touch, sight, and smell, which helps children develop emotionally. Books can be read a million times without changing, and they can be easy to memorize.

Losing teeth is a time of uncertainty for a young child. It might be scary, painful, uncomfortable, or unexpected. After tooth loss, a child’s mouth feels different, the mirror’s reflection is different, and new teeth look different. The tooth fairy is known to help make the whole tooth loss experience a positive one. Books can be just as magical in helping kids learn about tooth loss and getting comfortable with this time of change. We have many books in our shop to help parents and kids find just the right story for their family.

The Tooth Fairy and Modern Friends

Familiarity goes a long way in making kids comfortable with new ideas. When kids see their favorite characters from a TV or book series losing teeth or learning about the tooth fairy, it makes the whole thing seem more relatable. Peppa Pig, a character who generates over $1 billion in retail revenue, came out with a tooth fairy book in 2018 that is sure to excite her many fans.

Parents who grew up in the 1980s can enjoy a little nostalgia while reading about The Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy. While the current version was published in 2012, the original work from 1981, The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist, is also a great read!

Whether your child loves Pete the Cat or Fancy Nancy, our shop is sure to help you prepare for this exciting journey with your little one.

Is the Tooth Fairy Common in Books?

The popular book website Goodreads lists 83 books about the tooth fairy. Most are children’s books, with a few young adult thrillers thrown in for good measure. It seems that writing about the tooth fairy wasn’t very popular until the 1990s, and most books were written within the past 15 years.

Since most of the modern books incorporate popular characters, it’s quite possible that the tooth fairy stories of earlier decades simply went out of print once their own pop culture icons fell off the radar. The good news is that there are a ton of great books available to fit your child’s imagination and style.

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How Old is Too Old to Believe in the Tooth Fairy?

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Keeping the Magic of the Tooth Fairy Alive

The magic of the tooth fairy is honored by many parents as a way to help their kids ease into a new phase of growing up. Losing a first tooth can be painful, scary, and sometimes totally unexpected. Leveraging a child’s sense of wonder and magic to put a positive spin on this time of uncertainty can make it easier on everyone.

Once tooth loss is underway, however, a parent’s commitment can really be put to the test! If a child is losing several teeth in a short time, even the most experienced tooth fairy can struggle to keep up. It’s not uncommon for the tooth fairy to need a creative excuse for not making it in time. If a child still believes in the tooth fairy, even a slip up can be effectively framed to keep the belief alive. This phase of parenthood is temporary, so we encourage you to embrace it and have fun with it as long as your child’s imagination is being fed.

When the Tooth Fairy is Suspect, but Not Yet Disproved

Last night’s tooth exchange was clumsy and noisy. A conversation on the school bus highlights some inconsistencies. An older sibling begins taunting with suggestive hints. At some point, your child will get the feeling that the tooth fairy might not be so magical after all. This realization can come at any time, but not every child is ready to give up the fantasy. Many kids are more than happy to stay in the magic a little longer, and we encourage parents to support this.

Childhood is short, and the tooth fairy lives in an even shorter span within that time, so we at FlutterPop think kids should get to believe in the magic as long as it works for them. Even when kids know the truth, they often want to keep up the myth just because they like knowing that mom or dad is doing something special just for them. During this time of limbo, keep the secret and wear those wings a little longer.

The Light Shines on the Tooth Truth

Almost every child knows the truth of the tooth fairy long before the last tooth is lost. While great care and planning can go into keeping the magic alive with mythical creatures who visit once a year, it’s next to impossible to keep the charade going during high volume tooth loss periods. When kids actually start asking the hard questions, most parents are tired enough to go ahead and gently tell the truth. Generally, kids are over the fear and uncertainty of losing teeth by the time they learn the facts, so it should not be a very traumatic realization.

At this point, parents are in a great position to pivot their kids’ focus to maintaining great oral health and being responsible with tooth fairy rewards. If you are enjoying the digital resources that FlutterPop has to offer, keep your kids engaged by reading our blog together.

Make sure your kids know that once they discover the truth, they are inducted into the tooth fairy’s own secret society. As a member of the society, it is their duty to protect the identity and magic of the tooth fairy to younger kids who still believe in her. This ushers in yet another phase of growing up for your child, where you can encourage maturity while stoking the imagination. We’ll bring the fairy dust!

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