How to Get Kids Excited for Brushing Their Teeth

Parents know that establishing great oral care habits with their kids is vital for long term health, but the daily routine of brushing twice a day can be a struggle. In the mornings, everyone is trying to get out the door on time. At bedtime, brushing teeth gets caught in the crosshairs of kids resisting and parents rushing to get everyone settled. Added to the chaos is the battle of making sure everyone is actually brushing properly. It’s enough to wear out even the most health-conscious family. What if getting kids to brush their teeth weren’t such a struggle? Can you imagine a smooth morning or bedtime routine where teeth brushing is an easy part of the process? Read on for our tips on how to get your kids excited about brushing their teeth.

Include Special Friends When it’s Time to Brush

Kids love any opportunity to interact with their favorite characters, and the toothbrush industry has made this easy when it comes to picking a child brush. The oral health products aisle in your favorite pharmacy or supermarket is sure to have several choices of characters who get kids in the mood to brush their teeth. Take your independent child along to pick his or her own toothbrush, or have fun surprising your whimsical kiddo with a different character every 3 to 4 months. This simple trick makes brushing teeth a habit that kids enjoy.

Another way to encourage healthy brushing is to bring a special buddy to the bathroom sink. Have your child pretend to brush the teeth of a stuffed animal or doll before brushing his or her own teeth. Parents can take this time to use the toy as a teaching tool as well, helping kids to see best practices in action.

Make Brushing Time Family Time

One of the best ways to help kids enjoy brushing their teeth is to brush your teeth at the same time. By brushing your teeth side by side with your kids, you’ll show them that oral hygiene is for everyone. This is also an excellent way to teach them how to care for their gums with proper flossing. Every busy family knows that even a few minutes of extra time spent doing something together is a gift, so why not spend it doing something everyone has to do anyway? If you brush together at the kids’ bedtime, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of avoiding late night snacking!

Brushing in the Digital Age

Some kids will get more excited for brushing if they see their favorite show characters taking care of their own teeth. Several popular shows for children have produced tooth brushing videos to help kids create good habits. With special songs and rhymes, kids not only learn to brush for the right amount of time, but they also learn to brush the right way. By bringing a little technology to the sink, many parents are able to avoid the arguments so that brushing is fun and an enjoyable part of the routine.

By making the oral healthcare experience a positive one for your kid, you’ll instill lifelong habits, and your dentist will thank you!

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