A Spin on the Traditional Tooth Fairy Experience

While money is the most common gift children receive from the tooth fairy, there are no actual rules on the topic. The Original Tooth Fairy Poll cites that the current national average reward is $3.70 per tooth. That’s $74 for all 20 teeth per child! That’s a hefty price tag, especially if you have a large family. Economics aside, parents might have any number of reasons why leaving money for lost teeth is not the right fit.

As it turns out, the tooth fairy is quite an accommodating little sprite! She is more than happy to deliver the rewards that meet each family’s needs. We’ve compiled a list of 8 creative non-money tooth rewards:

Practical Tooth Fairy Rewards

  1. Toothbrushes, dental floss, and toothpaste are great rewards to reinforce excellent oral health habits. The tooth fairy loves to encourage keeping teeth healthy, so this one is an easy choice. Remember that your child’s travel toothbrush needs to be replaced regularly, as well, so keep that in mind if the tooth fairy already brought a new home toothbrush.
  2. Books about the tooth fairy can be found in our shop and are a great way to keep the magic alive. Of course, there’s no need for every reward to be a book about teeth, but we do recommend it for the first few to help your child get comfortable with this time of change.

Tooth Rewards for the Crafty Family

  1. Building a fairy garden is a fun and creative way to celebrate the magic of the tooth fairy. This is a project that parents and kids can start as the first teeth begin to wiggle, and the tooth fairy will bring special pieces to add to the garden with each lost tooth.
  2. A small jar of fairy dust is an artistic option to encourage your child’s imagination in crafts or outdoor play. Some kids may collect the special glitter for daydreaming, while others will excitedly add it to crafts or sprinkle outside to create magic.
  3. A tiny personalized letter from the tooth fairy is a great idea for parents with a steady hand. Your child will feel special at the personal attention bestowed upon him or her by the tooth fairy.

Special Teeth Keepsakes

  1. A pressed penny collection is something your child can use to keep track of how many teeth he or she has lost. Since pressed pennies are often found at museums and cultural tourist attractions, your child might choose to start a collection of pennies from all of your family travels.
  2. A tooth keepsake box is something you and your child can use together to track teeth as they come out. The tooth fairy can deliver the box for the first lost tooth, and then follow up with a certificate for each tooth after that. The tooth fairy will of course let your child know that the tooth was checked into her log and then returned home for safe keeping.

A Special Surprise

  1. Mark milestones, such as every 5 teeth, with a coupon for a visit to a children’s museum or special activity. Take this time with your child to celebrate how he or she is growing up and how proud you are.

While celebrating your child’s transition into adolescence is an important time for teaching and bonding, no parent should have to go broke or trade in values to mark the occasion. We hope these fun ideas help you come up with your own non-monetary plan for tooth fairy rewards.  

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