Must-Have Tooth Fairy Products

After days of nervous wiggling and cautious chewing, that tooth finally popped out. Your child’s nervousness has instantly melted away into the excitement of a sudden realization: “We have to get ready for the Tooth Fairy!” The tooth’s liberation means that it’s as good as gold, ready to exchange for money or gifts. All that’s left is to patiently wait for the Tooth Fairy’s arrival. Then, after she’s come and gone, and left behind a shiny coin or other gifts, the waiting game begins again. 

But anticipation and excitement don’t need to be confined to intermittent nights. Keep the joy alive year-round with Tooth Fairy supplies and gifts. These are some can’t-miss products that will help your child prep for the big night and serve as a constant reminder to maintain good dental habits. 

Tooth Pillows

Slipping that lone tooth under a pillow is the tried and true way to notify the Tooth Fairy, but a customized tooth pillow can be easier and more fun for everyone involved. These small pillows can hang on a doorknob or bedpost, or sit bedside for easy access. Plus, they have a special tooth pocket for safekeeping and come in all kinds of fun designs and characters. If you’re looking for a fun weekend craft, you can even help your child make their own, so they can customize it with a special message for the Tooth Fairy. Tooth pillows make it easy to find the tooth and leave a gift, so the Tooth Fairy can make the rest of her stops in time. 

Keepsake Boxes

More than anything, the Tooth Fairy wants to keep teeth safe. She doesn’t take them for her own collection – she stores and protects them in a special location. Keepsake boxes give your child a personalized container to stash under their pillow, or provides parents a safe place to save baby teeth as mementos. Small, wooden boxes make the tooth-for-gift exchange a breeze, and they give your child peace of mind that the Tooth Fairy will have easy access to the tooth. Some larger compartmentalized containers let you store all of these tiny mementos in one safe place. 

Tooth Albums

Each tooth holds a memory, a distinct snapshot of a moment in your child’s life, so why not preserve them like photos? Tooth albums are a perfect way to keep these memories secure. They have spots for each tooth along with spaces for dates, notes, toothless photos, and more, all in a book-sized album that fits easily on your shelf. Each time you open it will be a walk down memory lane, a retelling of the day your son’s tooth came out in an apple, or your daughter’s while playing soccer. 

Fairy Doors

Give the Tooth Fairy her own personalized bedroom entrance by installing a special pint-sized door. Your child can decorate it and leave secret messages for the Tooth Fairy, inviting her into  his or her room. These doors attach safely and securely to any wall, so you can find the best entry point. And when your child opens the door, they’ll get a whimsical look into the fairy world. This small addition will turn any bedroom into a magical romping ground for children and fairies alike. 

Tooth Fairy Books

What better way to get excited about the Tooth Fairy than by reading stories about her? Books give a glimpse into her enchanting life and get children excited for her arrival. As soon as a baby tooth starts to wiggle, sit down with one of our favorite Tooth Fairy books and feed your child’s imagination with funny, fantastical tales. They’ll want to read it again and again as they wait for her visit. Plus, these books are rife with lessons about brushing, flossing, and healthy tooth habits. 

With these accessories, the Tooth Fairy experience isn’t confined to one night. It’s a continuous cycle of excitement and anticipation that brings her even more to life. And with eagerness for the Tooth Fairy comes eagerness for good dental habits. Each toy, game, and book also serves as a reminder that the Tooth Fairy loves healthy teeth and good hygiene. For the latest in Tooth Fairy products and news, follow Flutterpop on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.